I need to believe

I need to believe

By jfarrell


In anything…

Some mystical power called god; mohammed; jaweh; the one;

The newest trendiest diet “cures all ills”;

Luck; synchronicity; love; faith; “trust in the Force, Luke Skywalker”;



Green Day sang “in the land of make believe, I don’t believe in me”

But, it’s such a truth;

I don’t believe in me

And, I am the only one here.


And being the only one here…

I’m the only one to blame;

But I don’t believe in me.. this is why I am such a nothing

My thinking concludes that I don’t exist, and I can’t argue.


Though I try, I need to…

But I don’t believe in anything.


Something tells me right from wrong


I can be very arrogant and conceited…

Something beyond that tells me, compels me, right from wrong;

When hurt, I can wish the cruellest, most painful revenge;

But something beyond that keeps it all a fantasy


And, yes, the voices from the bottom of my beer glass are very tempting;

But I know they are only sirens - I to die in the beauty of their songs.

With nothing…

Life is a raging river, I give up and let it take me where it will



Author's Notes/Comments: 

river river, carry me home, to the place that i came from - peter gabriel

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