Failure to communicate

Failure to communicate

   By jfarrell


When I brought the form home from primary school,

I was scared of being in trouble at school;

So, when my parents couldn’t be bothered to fill out the form,

I did it;

5 or 6 years old,

And my dad beat the crap outta me

Coz I couldn’t read or know what ‘bronchitis’ was.

My failing to communicate.


Paul, I can’t hold it anymore, we gotta stop -

It’s only another 6 feet -


Bugger I dropped the shed wall.

My failing to communicate.


My keyworker is supplying me, a 12 year old boy,

With hardcore pornography and taking me out on special trips

To have sex with girls from other children’s homes;

Can I tell the officer-in charge?

Who’s last place of work was closed down amongst abuse allegations;

He was on the news.

My failing to communicate.


Might also explain why I have no close friends,

And I find people ‘difficult’; unexpectable;

I fail to communicate;

Or maybe, I see no-one to communicate to;

And the last time I did try to communicate,

The recipient couldn’t be bothered to listen…


Hmmm, my spider senses tell me,

There will always be more questions than answers.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

communication breakdown, it's always the same


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