Blowing up women and children

Blowing up women and children

By jfarrell


If you wanna blow up women and children -

   - in fact, hurt children in any way -

If you wanna drive a car into a crowd of pedestrians;

You would be kept alive and awake with drugs

As we cut the skin from your screaming body;

Alas, no pain relief

You would be kept alive,

Screaming, dripping

Literally a bloody sight

I don’t know if it’s possible for skin to grow back,

After being so completely removed,

But, if it does, great

We get to skin you again and again and again

And stream it on live tv;

Terrorists? You with the bomb

You’re no different than my dad,

He could only hit the wife and kids, such a big man;

I should fear you?

Come, sit with me, talk,

See the visions my god shows me

Then you will know terror


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hurt kids, you answer to me

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