The Politicians Don’t Care What You Think

The Politicians Don’t Care What You Think

By JFarrell


“Let me tell you what the issues are….”

“That’s not the real question….”

“Our polling shows…..”

Trust me, they ain’t listening.


I walked in to the office yesterday, Lib Dem party;

I had one question

“How can I trust your party with my vote?”

And she quoted policy at me.

I told her, that doesn’t answer my question

And she quoted more policy at me.


I wanted to volunteer, to help,

I have a duty to, a responsibility;

I had one question;

They would not listen to

Could not listen to

Could not answer.


Maybe, it’s the training,

Maybe, it’s the environment;

I don’t know.


She looked at me

And did not see a person;

Could not even show me the basic respect

Of listening to my question.


And they are all like this.


From their ivory towers

They look down upon us

And, as long as we continue to vote for them,

They are not going to listen.

Why should they?

After all, they think they are better than us.


Well, they ain’t better than me.

Stuff em!


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stuff em

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