This is my story

I sit there 

Listening to it all again

How many times will he call me fat?

What difference does it even make?


I never was

He just said it all the time

And made me believe it was true

This is my story.


I was actually slim 

But the abuse just never stopped

It started to become true

This is my story.


Now all I hear from my dad is 'fat ass'

But it was my brother who started it all

I say 'you don't think how your words affect people'

But he just laughs it off


Noone understands

At least I don't think they do

But many people suffer

Not the way that I do


I begin to feel sad 

Realising other have it worse

And mine doesn't really matter


People are taking their lives

But I contemplate whether I should


I know I shouldn't....

But these questions fill my mind:

What if it doesn't work?

What if it gets worse?

That will start some chatter.


This is truth of how I really feel

And sometimes it is so much more

This is my story and it is true

I feel like I'm fighting in a war.


This battle is with myself

I shouldn't care what others say

But I do and I've really tried to change

I care about what I weigh


This is my story.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

We're all battling something. We all have a story. What's yours?

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What you weigh is not who you are.    ---   Stephen

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No, My Pain Is Mine

I earned it, live with it bravely, and survive. Not for sharing with absolute strangers. Life is hard - no matter where you fall on the social-Ec scale; same world impacting on the psyche and bruising the soul. Artists lie. They make up stories - autobiographical writes are okay, but suicide stuff is a downer. Questing always for reality and the occasional hilarity that leads to joy - Lady A




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you have a mind of your

you have a mind of your own,don`t let bullying change it