Foggy Night

Walking down the street on a foggy night
Living in a world so dim with so little light
It's as shrouded as my future seems
And even quieter than my dreams

So foggy here, nothing can be seen
Like a world created from a movie screen
It's quiet here, calm and dark
No people talk, no dogs bark

The street lights are now glowing balls
The fog enclosed streets are like dark halls
Extending a little into the night
Until they are faded out of sight

On this night it's so cold outside
As I wonder what the darkness may hide
Dark creatures with glowing eyes?
People with hearts as black as the skies?

On this night I can't see far
Can't see the light of moon or star
Foggy night, what mysteries do you hold
In the dark and shrouded cold?

This night so still, there is no breeze
To swirl the fog, or sway the trees
And as I walk I hear no sound
Save my footsteps upon the ground

Yet in the dark, there's clarity
Which gives the light by which to see
I now know no matter how foggy the future seems
Like this night, it's full of dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after taking a walk on a very foggy night, and I wanted to convey all my thoughts and feelings on the walk.

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