Dying Breed

Follow me now, down into the abyss,
don't turn away, its just a simple kiss
Follow me now, down into the dark
Don't fret that sound, its just the beating of your heart.

Come now, walk across the shards of glass, an ocean of lies from your past

Step across the hills of shattered bones, broken promises from long ago

Come now vanity fades away leaving humanity a simple stain
As you follow the facade you see, know its only a dream to be

For I am part of a dying breed, part of humanity rarely unseen,
reveal to you these qualities i hold,
to do that would seem unjustly and bold
Beauty is broken by the sands of time, but like Dorian Grey my portrait I hide, for its unmarred and perfect the visage you see, yet aged and decayed hidden in me.
The pains and horrors taking their tide.....
Stealing away such foolish pride.
It was never my choice to feel so alone
yet grace upon me, its become more like home

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