Practicalities of love (no1)

The practicalities of love kill passion
thoughts turn to expectations,
rather than mystery

Duty and honor
the most grating words
hang like a chain of
Lead hearts around a neck

The ring finger scapes
far too often
On foreign surfaces
to ignore the temptation
to take it off

Yet like a noose
So comfortable you for get its there
Till you jump off the cliff and take a risk

Right back to do the dishes
While dreaming of seas
and swimming with all the fishes
Oh if only truth lied in wishes...

The daily blanket grind
Becomes one more thing
you have to do to finish your day

Then roll over
while they snooze
you text or type away
Always something fun
and mysterious to say

Say nothing of the practicalities of love
Though Id rather live through
practically intolerable cruelty
For that one starry eyed moment a year
When I gaze into your eyes and lose myself
In the passion remembered and reflected
In my greatest prize!

I practically jump for joy
Watching you enjoy your favourite fries! ;p

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah, sometimes you gotta remember why? But I forget so I invented something, so now I think I believe it's true, so it must be, therefore it is... Isn't it? ;p

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Yes, It IS...

or it may be if you think so, or if in the world it exists, but no truth is truly true if it does not exist in your head/memory or now, soooooo, the possibilities of all this imagination engendered reality as real and as it IS, has strange potential for exactitude. In essence, I almost agree - Lady A



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Awws. That's sweet! I hope

Awws. That's sweet! I hope you are happy!