This world is

designed to pull you away from the realm of God 

Glory to those who haven't let it. 


Go deep inside 

Find the Frequency 

Be concious 


Truth is inside not outside 

The sound of mind 

The sound of matter 

The sound of words

The sound of love 

Everything you need 

Is within your own sovereignty 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy the perspective 

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This timeless truth,

This timeless truth, expressed with sublime elegance, convincing power and a melodic pattern, is the game-changer of the ages. What is more liberating, more empowering than knowing who we really are and that all we need is within? As one who still gets tangled in the web of illusion, it was incredibly refreshing to be reminded of ultimate reality. 


A beautiful portal to a higher consciousness. 



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wisdom and truth


wisdom and truth   God is inside



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Just Saw This



Lady A