When the Sun Goes Out


The cool air

between him and me

makes my fingertips shiver

with the weight of a world,

the sun in the sky

is never warm enough

and the sparks

between them

are so visible

I shield my eyes.


Don’t mind me,

just keep on living

your beautiful reality,

the skewed system

with you and her

king and queen of the world.

But of course

I don’t tell him.

They’re each half a star…

coming together

illuminates the world,

reaches a hand inside me

and twists until I’m more alive

than I’ve ever been

and I can’t help

but love her too.

Plato’s split-aparts,

her arm

intertwined with his

as they dream of a world

where everyone

is as electric

as them.

She’s a chink

in the armor,

the electric fence

he doesn’t let me through



if nothing else,

if I have to disappear,

kiss her so hard

she goes blind,

empty space

filling with exploding stars

and a song so beautiful

she becomes the music.

But of course

I don’t tell him.

He loves girls like her,

who glow so brightly

they make the sun go out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/9/15

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KindredSpirit's picture

I really liked this Both

I really liked this

Both times 

I read it

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When the sun goes out:

This poem has such a forelorn atmosphere to it. You have created a wonderfull scene here, great write.