#love #jealousy


Jealousy burns

I'm not able to learn

"I'm not the same" I said

As I cried softly in bed


It turned my life upside down

It simply made me frown

until I fell down

Crying without a sound


You said you wanted her instead

At that moment all I seen was red

Rage filled me

Until I was almost dead


Homicidal desires

Were rising even higher

I said "you're such a disgusting liar."

"I hope you burn in a fire."


Plotting something great

I just can't wait

I'll lead you to your fate


Playing with your guts

I'm sorry but I must

Touch your cuts


But I'll be with you soon

Probably around noon

After this doom


I'm sorry I guess

It was for the best

I'll go after her next

So please, just rest

When the Sun Goes Out


The cool air

between him and me

makes my fingertips shiver

with the weight of a world,

the sun in the sky

is never warm enough

and the sparks

between them

are so visible

I shield my eyes.


Don’t mind me,

just keep on living

your beautiful reality,

the skewed system

with you and her

king and queen of the world.

But of course

I don’t tell him.

They’re each half a star…

coming together

illuminates the world,

reaches a hand inside me

and twists until I’m more alive

than I’ve ever been

and I can’t help

but love her too.

Plato’s split-aparts,

her arm

intertwined with his

as they dream of a world

where everyone

is as electric

as them.

She’s a chink

in the armor,

the electric fence

he doesn’t let me through



if nothing else,

if I have to disappear,

kiss her so hard

she goes blind,

empty space

filling with exploding stars

and a song so beautiful

she becomes the music.

But of course

I don’t tell him.

He loves girls like her,

who glow so brightly

they make the sun go out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/9/15

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