That the scent of your roses never die,
the rivers from our tears never dry...
In your memories, I bury my love, so
your life will forever grow in me-
On borrowed time the path we choose
is our own...
In destiny's eyes no one is never
"gone too soon."
The heart aches become pillars of strength,
as we embrace the coming of a new day
without you in our arms-
Sadly we mourn, together we cry, united
we rejoice the celebration of your life...
embracing every moment we had with
So these tears are no longer of sorrow,
but of joy...
Thanking the Lord for the honor of being
part of your life, and a blessing in OURS!!!
We smile now, because we miss you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Memory Of Sarah Roberts....

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Beavis's picture

Well done

A beautifully written poem with great emotional balance.