I am trying to understand you...I want to get closer
but I am afraid to get near-
If your love burns, then let me burn in the fire!
Time may be the essence, but waiting still hurts-
Love is caring, missing someone like you.
My biggest crush, do not say a word, I am not in a
rush, but I might miss you if I cannot kiss you.
I want to get closer without pushing you...
My sincerity is deeper than seas, I mean it, when I
say 'I Love You."
I want to be near you, to hold you, make love to you.
Friends I know, Lovers I hope!
Addicted to your charm like dope, you are every
number pass 10.
Men tremble at your sight but I relax, in fact, I think
I intimidate you...
I am a man of confidence not a man that will beat you
once he is near you, disrespect you once he is closer!
If you were my lady, you would be my Queen-
keep you shinning like you were meant to be!
Intelligence is your beauty, your
independence is sexy, being yourself is the most
When I get closer, you will feel my warmth-
When I am near, I will not let you go-
Closer to you, I want to be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Ruby with the colored eyes...

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