Course we should be

Writing of this holiday.


We are stewards of this space

Above water


That which we are




Under hills

We call mountains


Charcoal trees

Good for the soul...


We just typed soil

Converted to soul

Like a freudian slip

A second time round


The first was Philippe

That native born man

Reminding us

Of a greater plan


So we stand.

... Patient

With faith

Soothing our ache

Recalling those moments

We were fully awake


And we trust...

In the greater visions

When peace and love

Is what we're all livin'


Well, these fingers did not

Write of this day

Though they did

In a more prayerful way


We wish you

The happiest chimes

Hoping you all have

The very best times










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rusty freeflow 

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Thanks and Great Write

Here's to "the greater vision". Enjoyed - Stella



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Thank you! To the greater visions... 


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