Love to kill

Love to kill

Could it be love at first sight
To you its first kill
Stalk me as i walk the roads at night
follow me home watch me sleep
I walk the streets of queen st
when I see you
Skin so solf like velvet
Hair so smooth
Voice so sweet
Lips so tasty to kiss
I walk to you
As you walk to me
Our bodys touch as you touch my lips
felt so lost untill this moment
As we kiss
I here her say
I'm sorry ..
She rips my heart out
Left me to wonder
What could this possible be
Love at first sight ?
First kill ?
I fall to my nees on this chill october night
Feel so numb
but so so right
As she walks away i see the tears start to flow
I ask
Can I have a kiss ?
Just to feel
how sa love at first sight ,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure what would come of this I kinda like it tho , Any ideas ?

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nees to knees

no other suggestions - okay title - allets