"Rays Of A Venus Sun"

Don't hold your breath long

My friend

This is a new beginning

And not what we thought

It will be all right

My friend

Your karma is so good

So move on

Golden glimmer through your silky hair

Shine, illuminate

Diamond shaped, halo eyes

Your gentle rays

Venus sun

Move the tides

To infinite, blue, glorious, skies


Beautiful sunflower child

Your star marks on many charts

Like a super nova sun

That's come here

To warm our hearts

Smile upon this world

Earthen halo

Glow brilliant

Through deep

Aqua waters

To make quiet dreams

When we sleep

Open wide

Those splendid eyes

Spread your wings

And take flight

The end will never come

Unless it first begins

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I have been reading poetry for over thirty years. This is, without doubt or fear of contradiction, one of the most important poems I have ever read!