Internal Battles

Thoughts are hard to come by.
I can't focus.
I try, but thinking makes it worse.
Nothing is helping.
Confusion is dominant
But sadness is too.
Days feel pointless.
Nights are harsh, scary and lonely.
Doubts, regrets and fears flash before my eyes.
Happiness seems lost,
Or on a journey of no return.
My mind is shut down
It doesn't want to let anyone in
But there's someone trying to break through.
I know he's here to help because we've been through this before.
He pushes, pulls, and kicks at the barrier.
To him, I'm still gone, I'm not the girl he knows.
He fights for not only my happiness but his own too.
He gets the upper hand, then he has won.
Finally, I snap!
I break down, but he's there.
He stays, he helps, he makes things seem ok.
Now happiness can set back in...
But we both know it won't be long before he has to fight again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my best guy friend who has always there for me.

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