Doors Won't Glow

I wouldn't wince
with a finger to chest.
A murmur of heart,
a horn around neck.

The take off and pull
had me down deadened,
threatened by mention
of hands on my head.

So I sought out the seeking,
and seeking sought too;
maddened by empty -------
that had become you.

But you wouldn't know,
and I couldn't know,
and doors wouldn't glow.
Doors wouldn't glow -------

Doors won't glow -------
She said to me that
doors won't glow -------
No matter your vision,
your center, your stay,
doors won't glow
for you, either way -------

And given to me, that they
haven't believed, nor would
they struggle to see the
beauty observed in these
worlds -------
I'd understand, and reach -------
I'd just pretend, and be -------
I would defend you
seeking all halls full of
doors -------
that glow --------------

Before all the settling
down that was needed,
you were the call
to which I had heeded.

You brought every storm
and formed every crack
that start in the cellar
and run down my back.

When I lay my arms
down at your side;
within you would dwell,
within you would hide.

And convince you I couldn't
that I was your realm,
made for belonging
with us at your helm -------

You wouldn't be buried
beneath all my love
encompassing grey
that flitters above.

You told me to leave,
you'd told me to go,
and neglected to say
That these doors wouldn't glow --------------

Chorus -

Instrumental Bridge -

Chorus -

Doors won't glow, nor could they
show me the way to your
core --------------
I don't know they're here for --------------
For these doors --------------
Just wouldn't glow --------------
For me ...

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SSmoothie's picture

That's a pretty awsome song!

Get the musical arrangement and melody right and bam! A hit! Congrats!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am

indigo_kid007's picture

Thank you

my kinda song. I enjoyed it.