Each part of me in emblazoned with your emblem
that states me yours and yours alone.
I fantasize about our time in which the curving lips are shared,
but 'til it comes I am content to simply mend your stables.

So soon you'd come to face me, sans bonnet or a frill,
and for the first I saw you clear and you were no one dear.
Then I ran and sought and sorted, losing tracks of time and days,
all whilst you're content to brittle down to dirt.

I never gave a thought to life had I'd soon returned;
I simply stood and followed through and made ways of others, elsewhere.
Nightly then she'd cross my mind and I'd search myself for bits
of flesh and jaw and lobe-less ears and depths in big, brown eyes.

Absence was the only thing that reinforced and wove
a sense of blighted unity that drove us all from home.
We sought another, and in that sought our woes,
leaving us with one-another, too busy with our own enclosures.

And by the time I capture vision of her as I'd known,
I'll be old enough to have forgotten all that had gone wrong.
Bygone times with lapse in mind and memories that fail;
they'll leave me frail and atrophied, but thrilled with the result.

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