The Perfect Ass That Begged

I heard from a friend that you're off on endless benders

Chasing things with consciences dependent on the weather

But you so sloppily fell, as if by solemn breeze

And offered him your mouth and the space between your knees

Before the contents of your gut were scattered on the floor

You must've felt so ready to be sought after like a whore

The time we spent was either poison or something so much more

But I guess it amounts to even less than what you called him for

So please continue acting like I've done such wrongs to you

I'll persist on being lonely and finding my way through

I may not have belief of self to sling my gents on queue

But at least at ends, I can defend, and say my heart is true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck you and every other word you've ever said to me.

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this speaks truth of soooo

this speaks truth of soooo many stupid girls. i'm sorry for your pain and loss.