" The Decline of Everything Collection ." Dark literature for a Diminishing World . "
Pendleton, Oregon   May 2015


The part of me under stress
drenched in urban , post traumatic duress.
Family`s death
wife left
life diminishes with every breath
now the cracked foundation
of the interstate holds less.

I am in search of a hearse ,
of death I am not averse.
Point the barrel at my brain ,
watch the temple topple
burst in pain .
In vain I search for a way out
of the dreams
of ashen
and polluted
rain ,
where others fall
as I climb
denying my gain .

The whole of me under stress
as I contemplate the terminal duress.
The hopeless drifter
highway litter
feet blistered
body shivers
I am a stranger
amid a twister

quiet as a whisper .

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