Darkness Settles

Darkness settles in the

hollow ,



I climb for you ,

the steps to the top are few,

but time and distance have

had their way with you .


In this infinite and perfect moment ,

like a sigh within a whisper

your to be liberated forever

by your imagined angels wings.


Did you still believe



that the beautiful

illusion would

untether you from this world ?


Death leaves one life

so hard

and defined by loss .

Left to stay or run,

home is subjective

or none .


Still stubbornly disregarding

the illusion of imposed

structure .

The lies are

inflated ,


political and

mechanical .

Promises , soon

punctured by veracity.


Clutching closely to the chaos

Fermenting and intoxicating.

Inside of me

the memories

from which I am made to suffer

the punishment of life's pleasure

in pain .


So near and comforting

the darkness within ,

The mountain ,

just as hollow ,

but you always knew

you would never see

me climb

its finally your time

The steps to the top are few

they are for you .

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