The Scale

The devil in humble garments appeared before me
Offering to weigh the gold and gems
Of mortality
Against the harp and gown of eternity.
On the right side lay
All pleasures and feasts.
To the left lay all morality.
Blindfolded by the heavenly host
The devil held up the scale for all to see.
For a moment to the right it began to dip
When I saw in the air a divine hand
Put a finger to the left.
The scale wavered and began a new
To tip.

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"a new to tip"

interesting notion, to tip anew, to change direction in outlook and morality - nice write, great themes - allets

Lady A


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Thank you for the read! I

Thank you for the read! I was sort of getting at the idea that God or the universe may cheat, at times. That occasionally (or constantly) we are cheated by our beliefs.