Still Unseen


           Her legs attempt to appease the nature of my undoing. The feeling of her body enthralls the waking desire that amuses the idea. Steady vibrant is my perception of the beauty that resides within those legs. Lost within her secrecy my tongue wishes for an exposé. In the late hours my bed becomes the canvas and her soul the art. Why does the addiction of lust create this burning image of a face that remains to be seen. Still present are her legs of truth that blind the eyes, her sensual curves that tempt the heart, and her lusting nature that captures my dreams. To grasp her intellect I am asked to wait and relish in the mystery of my own cosmos. Time speaks of her there whenever the thought is provoked. Is this dream my world or is my world a dream. She entices these thoughts of pleasure and pedigree in her world of the unseen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A writing of the woman in my dreams

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Your poem inspired me to reply to it poetically witha poem of my






Here is my reply.....................





as such these legs
yet tested
lounge in mere relaxed temptation
so smooth in their promise kept
they heavily burden he who ogles them
even in their sensuous repose
leaving the dreaming viewer
with a jogger's rapture
so viciously exposed
trapped in the vibrations of
his own pent up desire
latent in their aesthetic beauty
perhaps these needs can be
unto a release lever deep within
the mental gear box of desire's
racing engine
or dare ye even imagine
that ye is a journalist pure
seeking to uncover the truth
of their treasure's power
luring such imagination's art
out of the bedroom and onto
the track of many a fever's quest
shedding the surreal
the nucleus of such singular genius
speaks nary in riddles of affluence
but broadly of pleasures yet to be
delicious expectancy
tastes like passion
gorgeously cob webbing the spider
as he weaves for himself
a broader, better web
how cleverly you sit back and watch
the proverbial king of all one surveys
such predator lounges like veritable prey
eagerly awaiting
that damsel of first bite
so nimble in her hunger
felt is the rendered touch
wingless flight
her preferred theme
'Splendid Misgivings'
claw pictures in the dust..........
(Oct. 31, 2014 203am)

Oh, and by the way welcome to our big little pp community here. I hope you post some more poetry. Sincerely , Melissa Lundeen.