William's Journal entry


I've barricaded myself up on here on this mountain. For the past week, this guard shack has been my home…how much longer I can remain here, I don’t know. The mine workers stocked plenty of food and drink for the winter, just in case us “rent a cops” got stranded, so I may be able to hold out for a while. For now, all I can do is sit and wait Did I say barricaded, more like become trapped. The radio went silent days ago, the helicopters have faded from the sky, and city lights below have almost all gone dark. It’s as though the world has been pulled into hell and I’m all that is left…maybe I can wait a while longer, than try to walk out of here…no, help will come. It has to. For now I’m safe up here, and I plan to stay alive. Nothing has found its way here, and as long as it stays that way, I am staying put…and hope none of those things find me. I never would have thought simple security training would be so useful, and I never would have placed much faith in this line of work, but now I do. Funny how a job I hated so much, I now have come to love.

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