21 'again'

As you get older you begin to realise

that your quality of life

isn't down to your income and possessions,

the clothes on your back or the size of your home.


It's the memories you've made

and continue to make,

the mistakes that you've made that make you you.


It's about seeing the people you love live a happy and full life,

all the while remembering those who were lost along the way.


It's finding the balance

between crazy and content, fast and slow, spontaneity and planning.


It's getting older without ever truly growing up. 

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That last line is brilliant,

That last line is brilliant, absolutely, splendidly, and exquisitely brilliant.  And, did I happen to mention, it is also brilliant?


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love caught by words

love caught by words in your beautiful poem





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Crazy and Content

A nice balance, good roadmap to happiness :D



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That's a great way of putting

That's a great way of putting it! :) Thanks