The Thief of Time

The Thief of Time

Comes in the night

When everyone else

Is asleep.

He glides in through the cracks,

Approaches in absent light

To dye your hair,

Taking a few strands to keep.


He will also sneak up

In the Sun's domain

To steal away your day

With merriment and cocaine.


Second are laughs

That ride upon

The twenty and four steeds

In a day.

Days used as staffs

To bat away the boredom

That continually leads

To the three-six-five of Him.


At least thats

What He says.


Yes, He can be a mischievous mate,

A Trickster of the highest class.

But don't be fooled,

For if you look once into the eyes of Fate,

That moment will be you last. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Thief of Time is a bedime story my father created. He made an appearance today and stole the afternoon from me: I ended up falling and drowning in the Internet. This is a personal pledge to use my time more productively.

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Anretsuhn's picture


Pretty cool. I would love a bedtime stlifelike this.



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20 poems turn into 50 poems, then 100 poems - Memory poems and reflection writes rock!! See you around the site my new poempal.





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See you around

Indeed, Lady A. Glad you enjoyed the poem!