What The Hell Am I Doing?

Everyday the same
Hypocritical shame
Reveling in pain
Spiritually insane

Saying one thing, doing another
Not being the man, student, brother
That I should be for each other
Because there won't be another

So confused
MY grace abused

All I know is: If I choose life
Then what the Hell am I doing?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something short that came to mind one day... Hope you enjoy the randomness of it... I'm still not sure

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Then break a way from the everyday

Then break a way from the everyday.
And fight if you may.
Turn your back to what is bad.
Away from the wrong and the sad.

If your life feels like a chaos.
Well don't fell at a loss.
For nobody knows.
And some times life just blows.

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I agree, but for the last

I agree, but for the last sentence :P  Thanks


Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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Spiritually insane is good writing - not random or chaotic to this brain that jumps into cataclysm and emerges with a semblance of order - Lady A