Autumn leaves

Men’s words grow

and live their season

then dry and fall

to blow upon the wind

across the land

sometimes are found

looked at with wonder

Beautiful to behold

golden and rich

till they fade

and dust blow away


leaves of gold

made of man

words inscribed

bound with rings

passed hand to hand

words are added

studied and loved

carefully crafted

for another day


when words of man

blowing on the wind

fading turning dust

are looked upon

with wonder

treasured and kept

pressed in pages

of a book


words unread

from leaves of gold

truth unknown

beauty unseen

love unknown

that’s lasts all time

life’s unchanged

souls untouched


words blowing

with the wind

across the hill

till they fade

words of men





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A Woman's Words

Praises the leaves before they crumble. It's a menstruation thing. During post partum depression, they crush the leaves beneath their toes and laugh. Women experience PMS and leaves dare not come near them during that entire week.