My Beloved

My Beloved


Please, someone take away from me

this sweet and tender toxin that

my beloved put in me.

I have been impaled by

his horns engorged and dripping with

his passionate poison embracing me.

I was weakened from his chase,

and could no longer flee.


Now I am disintegrating.

Red ink flows from my well.

I lie embedded in scarlett earth,

where my beloved trampled me.


No longer can I stand.

So, friend, do help me pass.

If you bend and hear my breath,

bring me to peace at last.


Down black waters I will drift

ever closer to the place

where Charon waits for me,

with pennies set upon my face.


Fran Hinkle




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After a 9 year hiatus. Interesting - slc



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Yes, interesting indeed~Fran Hinke