rediscover me


All of my heart and all its pieces


Broken and scattered


I lay on my room floor;


Blank expressions shattered


I’m wondering as I cry


Laying here empty, thinking why


Why do we fight?


Why fight when we’re both


Just falling


Or why even try if we’re both


Just fading


Because we have fallen




We fell the first time


And we stood


The second and we cracked


And again once more and we were


Simply just torn apart


May be we were just torn from the start




But it still kills me to leave


Just get up, and depart


Without looking back


And it seems like I don’t care


But I’m simply too scared


And you never did learn to share


But we no longer give even a slightest damn


As we stand and we simply stare




Stare at each other and what


We have become


What’s done can’t be undone


We got so caught up in all of this


We never stopped to see and look


To shoot and now we just miss


Or missed…


Missed all the simplicity that should have been there


The words that should have been said


And some should have been left unspoken


We might be bonded forever but we can’t be unbroken




Weve become monsters


To each other, strangers


And everything is just up in the air


And the sting lingers


Just like at one time


So did your finger


And so did your touch


Which some days I miss so much




But I don’t miss it enough to go back to who I was


And who we were


No I can’t do that


It’s too empty and dark down there


A shallow hallow deep hole




We became each others greater enemies


And forgot how to be lovers


Covered and swimming in the doubt


Instead of being the believer


We thought we would make it when


We jumped in deep


And now….


Now I’m losing sleep


I’m afraid to close my eyes


Because I’m afraid I’ll hear your cries


Of when you begged me to stay and to remain


But I couldn’t keep living in the fear and pain


I needed change, I needed freedom


I had to walk away from my only kingdom


I let go only to grab hold


Of life, of simplicity and silence


Of beauty, true laughter, and balance


And oh how strange it is to feel so captivated and yet free


Walking down the road where I finally have control


And I get to rediscover me.

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I like it

Cuz its real.