Arts In Telling

Satish Verma

I will never be able to― 
tell the full story. Winds 
are changing and― 
the innocence has ended. 

Centuries of recital now 
starts the inquisition. It haunts 
my psyche. In deluge― 
the ferry will ever come? 

Yesterday you had seen me 
in a very vulnerable state. 
Even gods weep. 
Do you know what is muse, 
goddess of art and an inspiration 
of a poet? 

In one of the poem I had 
asked my muse, can you prey for me? 
This is my style of conversational 
or confessional poesy. 
What do you say?

allets's picture

prey vs pray

My muse became addicted to really bad substances and I have not seen him for years. The world is preying on him. - slc