The Claudication

Satish Verma

Is raining. Since night. 
You have no claim on 
dry lips. Wry stance. The 
city walks slowly. Wasted 
faces. You want to kill 
the words, the profanities. 
Want to unwrap the knife. 

I don't need any flowers. 
Always making faces. Too 
Many boats in the sea of eyes. 
Rowing, arowing. I am 
Afraid. The fast currents. And 
then my shirt becomes stained. 
Dirty words. 

You reach the bottom. The 
terrible depth. Digging up 
my body. Even my hands 
become shovels. Slowly 
I erase my name on the sand. 
The sea has divided us.

allets's picture

"...Too/Many boats in the sea of eyes."

The world watches as migrants drown - I can not stop thinking of helpless flounding boats and bigger boats ignoring them. Immigrants murdered to prevent contamination of nationalist maritime doctrines and policies. Italy has closed its doors and won't take any refugees profered by Spain. These little scenarios escape the media. The drama is tragic and too real - slc