Deep Tragedies

Satish Verma

Life plays the tricks. 
You become a meteor- 
a streak of light, in the almond eyes 
of a god. 

I don; t like the grey areas. 
Can you become fearless 
and confess the guilt of drinking 
the mercury? Blisters had 
appeared on your face red and blue. 

Was it a pure fault? 
Mother earth smiles.When buried 
alive thirty below the mound of lies 
you remained alive. 

Dehydrated, you speak 
the truth and spill out the 
false teeth.Your mind separates 
from the heart and blood stains emerge.

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Speaking of Tragedies

I am living under a regime presently that could be coded: a deep tragedy. I wish to apologize for it. The last line of this poem breaks my heart for its truth. - Stella L. Crews, poet.