Satish Verma

there was a tree rose 
piercing me and killing me, I thought 
it was cheating on me after the sunset 
when moon was walking alone 

you know what is love 
we think different things at the same time 
but we are always alone, you do not think, 
I think about my god, saying a prayer 

to unknow him or keep him alive 
he has a debt to pay me back because 
I created him what cosmologist would 
say was an accident 

somebody comes with a strange version 
I say, a transgender was also entitled 
for his or hers right to love, may be 
marrying a deity one day and have free sex 

what were you saying about the bait, now 
a hapless buffalo will be tied with a rope 
put up on a rough terrain to invite the 
lion to pounce and make a kill for the benefit of visitors 

I am perplexed, do not want to talk, 
will watch the moon again, sailing 
silently across the blue starry sky 
throwing the shadow of dew on my eyes.

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There Is A Lot Here

Strings of music pulled from recent and distant history - a salad. :D