Cycles of doom, repetition of imaginations, rebirth of sufferings and fears
Drowning of peace, loss of vitality, death of soul, slumber of fruitless dreams
Pain in rivers, regrets in seas, sorrow in oceans, blood in countless tears
Mind in dilemma, hopes in locks, passion in chains, horror in searing streams

Desire be crushed, Love turns to lust, innocence clouded with bestiality of hell
Nature be ignored, serenity turns to myth, tranquility stranded in plains of disaster
Inspiration be dulled, Invigoration turns to idleness, emancipation in ties of comatose shells
Religion be spoiled, belief turns to madness, lies of the past, fears of the hereafter

Provenance of truth, origin of blissfulness, extractor of cries and silencer of screams
I plead for a light of transcendence, a guide to peace, a liberation from sorrow, and instigation of life
For the agony is swelling, the emptiness is overtaking, and reality is fading in blighted beams
And the weights of these burdens shackle the threads of courage, grinding it with shameless strife

Breaths turn tainted and lungs be smothered against its nature and fuels of will
Blood pulsating with a rhythm deviated and in rejection to the harmonies of bliss
Suffocating is my freedom, beneath the cloaks of fallacies by which my heart is stilled
Lost is my way, cast into chaos, burning are my eyes, with memories I reminisce

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