Too much Sorrow

Stuck again, as usual, throughout the days which all look the same
Burden on my chest, memories of the past, call to mind great shame
Desire for freedom, hope for liberation, are all what occupy my head
But all I’ve ever gotten throughout this plastic journey, was a dull education instead

What must I do about all the dreams I keep hidden under the duties and work?
Is this what is meant to be? Be bitten and gnawed at by the constriction of dogmas?
Why all the idleness and cycle of shameful death of souls? Will there ever be an end?
Must one continually suffer and taste disgust on his lips, to be dragged though another’s fate?

Will there ever be a day when the innocent voices of those lost be lent an ear?
Will the silence ever be broken? Should one always be masked in the face of society?
Can true redemption from stagnation ever be attained? Will the pain in the hearts of those who crave a hint of blissfulness ever fade? Will this ever end?

May the chaos in the eyes of those wounded ever be mended? Will the cries of those who’ve lost sanity ever be answered? Will the lies that are portrayed and imposed upon us ever be pierced with the lights of courage? Will sorrow always be the refuge of the deepest of our thoughts and imagination? Must we always carry on lifeless and worn through the routines decided for us? Will this ever end?

Must the end of times and the final reach of our lives be the innermost desire of those who struggle day in and day out? Will the futile prayers of those who beg for mercy from god ever be enlightened with response? Must the scars of our souls continue to haunt our beings all throughout our times of awakenings and shatter dreams in sleep? Will we always be caged in fright? Will this ever end? Too much grief, too much numbness, too much sorrow…

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