Neither Paper Nor Plastic, But Paper Is Worse



    Neither paper nor plastic, but if forced to choose, tree destruction harms the world and accelerates climate extremes much more than plastic.

At the equator despite the sun's 12 hours of sunlight, the temperature is 70 degrees because of rainforest trees which cool the earth.

  Trees provide cooling shade and invoke rain. In the treeless desert, the temperature can be 66 degrees or more hotter than in the 70 degree equatorial rainforest.

Tree  killing and cow killing are the 2 biggest causes of climate extremes.



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Felling Of Rainforest

Why California burns each summer - drought will eventually take over western usa. Laws are in place to stop it, like gangs, the tree industry continues removing and destroying ecosystems for profit. - slc



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Wow!! No more California, Washington and Oregon.

This would end the plague of liberalism.

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Both paper and plastic can be made with hemp.

Could change the World for the better If we as people leaned in this direction.

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If we would all just go naked, we could save all the the carbon used to make clothes thus solving climate change.  I would rather eat a steak naked that eat vegetables fully clothed.  ---   Stephen