United Kingdom


The United Kingdom

1. has a stronger per capita vegan movement than the US,

2. outlawed slavery 33 years before the US,

3. outlawed execution while the US is among the 11% of the world, along with many Muslim nations, still murdering prisoners

4., has fatter older trees (no Trump and Department of Interior deforesting millions of acres and causing forest fires)

5. Its simple homes are more beautiful... rosevines climb all over stone cottages

6. There is less racism in the UK. London has perhaps the most diverse population of any city in the world.

7.  The UK has a small percentage of US deaths by guns annually.

But in the US few would relish calling anyone Lord or Lady.




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Spunky Country, UK

Pulling out of the European Union was prefaced with keeping the pound sterling as its national monetry unit. It is an interesting experiment, EU dues and Un dues may prove arduously taxing for EU countries without the support of the pound from UK. usa tariffs are on the table now and everyone is sweating the details and the future probable outcomes. Interesting items - slc 



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You will be moving there soon?