President Ulysses S Grant


President U S Grant, abolitionist, hero of the Civil War, hated bullfights and described matadors as murderers. He disliked hunting and once, finding a man

beating a horse, ordered the man tied to a tree for 6 hours. Grant's courage was legendary.

His limitless compassion was wed to his incredible willpower and endurance.. 

Troops described him as 'a ministering angel' as hour after hour he would look after 

the the needs of wounded soldiers. Grant hated the oppression of the poor by the rich

and wrote about it in letters home. Throughout his life before, during, and after his presidency, Grant was one of a handful

of the greatest US presidents in terms of defense of the rights of African Americans. Ron Chernow's Grant (many libraries have the 39

disc biography) continues Ron Chernow's master storytelling, positive rendition of

Grant, one of the saintliest soldiers in history.

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On the other hand,

 he was responsible for the killing of thousnds of human beings.

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Tie Trump To A Tree For Six Hours

Think it would help facilitate making america rake again?