Supreme Court Justices' Cold Premeditated Murder


Some convicted of killing did so in momentary hot passion. Supreme Court Republicans,
federal & state court judges, prosecutors, murder in cold premeditation with pens and gavels.
Like bombdropping pilots they don't see their victims. Their crime is worse.
Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell kill through advocacy of the death penalty, executive orders and votes.
Gorsuch doesn't confine his slaughter to the courts. He enjoys murdering tiny doves with billionaire Phlip Anschutz

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The Death Penalty

A huge issue, when the state kills its own citzens when life in prison without parole would serve is sad. They do not belong in the general populatin but we pay prisons to keep the worse among us from horrendous crimes and evil. We are killers, we are a nation of killers, and a wonderful nation for claiming freedom and democracy. (buzz words that raise the hairs, no?)