Trump & GOP Made Hurricane Michael Worse


Donald Trump, Republican senators, Kavanaugh's and other Republican justices' court rulings were some of those causing 8 billion $$$ in damage from Hurricane Michael. These politicans and judges  promoted coal and fossil fuels, meat. Fossil fuels a major factor in Gulf waters being as much as 30 degrees higher in temperature, making Michael more fierce.

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While you are at it

I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I want top sell you.   --  Stephen

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I Always Wondered

What makes Hurricanes fierce high/low pressure systems was my first thought, like lightning. Temperature rising melts icecaps, fresh water pollutes the salt streams and voila - more trouble - Florida is at sea level (I think will look up again) but putting up buildings to sustain a category 3 was not enoug for Mike. Citys are flattened. Send a donation. Folks need bottled water and batteries. - slc