Untimely Ripped

Plant Rights




From his womb of Mother Earth
the carrot was untimely ripped
One who made God grow in squares
heard hedges ‘ouch’ as they were clipped.
Turnip rudely awakened from sleep
from his roots was painfully snipped.
Potatoes peacefully growing in earth
were evicted and cut and then they were whipped.
Because they thought him commoner born
dandelion’s merrygold head was nipped.
Then his body for greens was shred
and green blood slowly from him dripped.
Broccoli dancing in sunlight was beheaded
and then of her own life she was gypped
To faraway places she was shipped
and soup of her essence others sipped.
Celery was by human hand
grabbed and her throat was gripped.
When these souls of their plant forms stripped
into the sun of themselves they dipped
Their bodies they found were simply the crypt
Now out of their bodies to God they slipped.

In their next life they experienced

a kinder script.


(to plant protector John Ross)


-saiom shriver-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st version of this poem is in http://postpoems.org/authors/saiom

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I do like this, the

I do like this, the vegetables have a spokesperson, I've always been a bit apprehensive about pulling up veg, now I know why.