Mother Earth




spark seeds
From husk
they're freed.
Pods pea'd
Acorns tree'd
Swamps fringed
by reeds.


Saiom Shriver


42 newsnotes by saiom

As Trump, a US atty, McConnell and Whitaker (remove him) work to murder prisoners in violation of 42 states' wishes and the wishes of 81% of the world's countries, the EU refused to send execution chemicals to any of the 8 prisoner murdering states (or to animal abuser Josh Hawley) The 8 are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Tenn
Now Republicans Marco Rubio, Rick Scott are demanding an end to the Florida recount while the Arizona GOP is suing to stop the recount.
Avicidal Antonin Scalia refused to recuse himself from the Supreme Court's 2000 Gore V Bush lawsuit. Not only did he and 4 other unelected Republicans nominated by fraudulently elected presidents vote illegally to stop the recount of ballots (Gore won the popular vote), but he also refused to recuse himself though 2 of his sons worked for Bush's attorney.
Brian Kemp GOP Georgia and Rick Scott's Republican machine in Florida..both denied tens of thousands of black voters absentee ballots..
Whitaker as US atty in IA spent 2 yrs prosecuting a Dem whose alleged crime was taking a $2000 bribe. The jury took 2 hours to acquit the man. Whitaker has no experience in DOJ administration, is a sycophant to Donald Trump who wants to cover himself
Matthew Whitaker with Trump's criminal appointment now has temporarily the power to execute people. He has prejudged
the Robert Mueller investigation. His corporation was shut down by the FTC for fraud. He represented
the pig murder industries of Iowa, has lost several elections.
Perry is the most prisoner murdering governor in US history with 278 scalps Matthew Whitaker in 2012 was cochair of Texecutioner Rick Perry's presidential campaign. Perry executed the innocent, the mentally
ill, the mentally challenged, citizens of other countries without allowing them to contact their consulates.
Microsoft and Lenovo reached into our laptop this morning and removed Firefox and all our Firefox images, articles and files. Looking for others in a class action lawsuit
Mike DeWine who arranged the criminal theft of the governor's chair terms himself 'prolife' altho he voted several times for the illegal immoral Iraq war, has worked with Gov Kasich to be the only Northern prisoner murdering state, has worked with frackers to poison Mother Earth's watershed and cause 900 earthquakes, took 2 mill $ from ins. cos.  otse.org
The Ohio Republican Party which stole at least
2 presidential
elections, 1 in 1876 and 1 in 2004, would have us
believe that Mike DeWine & Jon Husted, racist
gerrymanderers & purgers
of 1.1 million nonRepublican voters from the rolls,
with the most hackable old Diebold machines
in some counties with Romney owned voting machines
in another, won the election.


When he was 17 he was high on pot while eating the leg of a chicken. As he became focused on the leg of that chicken, he suddenly realized what he was doing. That was 51 years ago He's never eaten meat or fish since. Time for him to smoke another joint & become vegan.
Matthew Whitaker had unethical link to Sam Clovis an Iowan who helps murder mammals cloven hoofed,
The Trump sycophant  was also part of a corporation shut down for corruption.

another of tens of thousands of impeachable crimes by Brian Kemp of Georgia... keeping voting machines out of heavily Democratic precincts https://politics.myajc.com/news/state--regional-go...

Yet another of hundreds of categories of crime by Brian Kemp vote purging racist Secretary of State in Georgia Hundreds of voters stood in line for hours Nov 6at this SW Atlanta polling place. Only three voting machines!

Pictures of the people waiting in lines are on the internet

GA No power cords FL GOP did not send many Dem absentee ballots..AZ GOP kept young voters in several hour queues.. SCOTUS pentocracy ok'd racist gerrymandering in TX, OH,& exclusion of Native Americans in ND. 3 Bush operatives in 2000 election (Kavanaugh, Bolton, RStone) were in 2016,2018 campaigns

Hank Aaron (755 home runs 2297 rbi's MLB champion
Roger Bannister 1st man to break 4 minute mile
John Landy 2nd man to run 4 minute mile
Alan Jones 17,003 consecutive pushups
Serena Williams vegan
Dick Gregory 3000 mile run across US fruitarian
Goose Gossage  Padre


Leonardo Da Vinci say his notebooks was a fruitarian, eating no animal, bird, fish, stealing no milk from baby calves, no eggs from chickens, harming no plants, eating only the gifts they drop in our laps.


Van Gogh wrote that after visiting the slaughterhouses of S France he no longer ate meat.

Sculptor Rodin: vegetarian

8 states of 50 this year, all with GOP governors, murdered prisoners in unconstitutional executions  They are AL, FL, GA, NB, OH, SD, TN, TX 42 states 84% of US didn't. .Serially killing governors Kay Ivey AL,Greg Abbott TX, Pete Ricketts, NB were reelected. Trump nominated dovehunting serial executioner Gorsuch & perjurer warmonger Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

Henry Paulson CEO of Goldman Sachs, then GOP Secy of Treasury, arranged a coup in the Nature Conservancy turning its wilderness sanctuaries into cattle ranches with a few trees.

In the 2017 Senate, 51 Republicans voted to allow weaponized planes of trophy hunters into the natl Alaska park, as well as murder of bear cubs, wolf puppies. 220 Republican congresspersons voted for the same as well as sealon murder. Not a single Democrat senator voted for this, and only 5 Democrat congressmen did. Trophy hunter Don Trump Jr involved.

Superbugs of great antibiotic resistance in meat ( cadavers of murdered mammals, birds, fishes)

Animal agriculture runoff including urine, feces, antibiotics, insecticides, herbicides in watershed cause cancer and death.

http://pcrm.org   tens of thousands of vegan physicians, nurses,

Superbugs of great antibiotic resistance in meat ( cadavers of murdered mammals, birds, fishes)

Animal agriculture runoff including urine, feces, antibiotics, insecticides, herbicides in watershed cause cancer and death.

http://pcrm.org   tens of thousands of vegan physicians, nurses,

Australian teen on a dare ate a living garden slug. The slug was infected with rat lungworm. It paralyzed and then killed the boy.
https://www.cnn.com/2018/ 11/05/health/ man-dies-after-eating-slug- on-dare/index.html


The blood of innocents surrounding Steve King of Iowa also pollutes Kim Reynolds Republican governor of Iowa, Chuck Grassley who authored legislation to reclassify chick males as commercial mail, Joni Ernst who bragged she had castrated pigs

20 soccerfield sized forests are being destroyed every minute in Brazil. JBS, the world's biggest cowkiller co backed by the new leader,is one reason. Eating mammal meat causes hideous suffering to animals, human deaths from disease, and climate extremes


Vaccine toxin exposer Robert Kennedy Jr. who successfully sued GE 100 times and
forced the corporatinn to remove PCB's from the Hudson speaks against drug industry
pawn California senator

66 reasons not to mow down lawns or fields
not yet included in text: garage fires from parking lawnmower in oilsoaked


1 acre yields100 to1000 lbs of cadaver food (cow flesh) Centenarian apple trees can drop 2 tons each of food. When plants r grown among nut & fruit trees acreage yield can be 450,000 lbs per acre. Mammal flesh takes at least 80 times the production energy of almonds. Meat comes from murdering mammals. Fruit is a gift from God


Vegetarians don't eat mammals, birds or fishes.
Vegans in addition eat no eggs stolen from chickens or milk
stolen from baby calves.
Fruitarians eat only what is given freely by a tree, vine, berry bush or plant.
Chili non carne (kidney beans & tomatoes), lentil burgers, succotash (lima beans, peas,
corn), pecan pies, coconut ice creams are all fruitarian





St Louis Post Dispatch endorses Claire McCaskill in Senate race Her opponent Hawley sued to keep chickens in smaller cages. He tried to access banned execution chemicals and falsely claimed he had not acted against the ACA
list of famous vegetarians vegans & fruitarians Jesus, Buddha, Serena Williams, Dick Gregory, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franlin, Mary Shelley, Alec Baldwin, Cicely Tyson, Hank Aaron, Goose Gossage of San Diego Padres, Senators Cory Booker, Abourezk, past Ireland president
10 students from Vanderbilt Divinity School went peacefully to sit and listen at a Marsha Blackburn meeting which turned out to be a segregated gathering.. The 4 blacks among themwere asked to leave. The 6 whites were allowed to stay. Blackburn has not apologized. Vote Bredesen, Tennessee.Blackburn flunked the Humane Soc of US reportcard,
GOP California rep Devin Nunes is an animal killer & abuser who flunked the Humane Soc of US scorecard, who voted to spread trophy hunter terrorists backed up by weaponized planes into our natl Alaska park to rip bear cubs and wolf puppies out of their dens to their deaths.The teddy bear is named after a bearcub that Pres. Roosevelt saved. Nunes is the opposite
Texas A & M deleted PETA posts re causing pain and death to dogs in 'research'
EFF Sues Texas A&M University For Violating PETA's Free Speech Rights By Blocking Group From Its Facebook Page
6 to 8
Google's Censors For Chinese Govt
Google world's biggest censor
Google censors left-wing websites
Google sued re violating tracking rules
Google gives 91 million $ severance package to sexual assaulter
E.U. Fines Google $5.1 Billion in Android Antitrust Case - ..
Case Against Google
Google Sued by 3 Female Ex-Employees re nonequal pay

Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama have endorsed Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia
Australian man Sam Ballard who was left paralysed after eating a slug dies aged 28
The keen rugby player suffered a severe brain infection when he ate the creature which was infected with rat lungworm.
Spiritual issues in avoiding meat, fish, eggs and dairy include not causing suffering to innocent beings
Christian vegans vegetarians and fruitarians http://veganchristianity.wordpress.com
Jewish http://jewishveg.com/schwartz
Muslim  http://bmf.org Buddhist http://plumvillage.org
Interfaith and Hindu  http://sathyasai.org
All 8 current state eecutioners r GOP  Executioners running for governor are
all GOP: AL Kay Ivey, FL DeSantis, GA Brian Kemp, NB Pete Ricketts OH Mike DeWine TX Greg Abbott (nation's most executing governor). SD GOP Kristi Noem supports dp TN, GOP Lee supports dp. deathpenaltyinfo.org otse.org tcadp.org amnestyusa.org aclu.org innocenceproject.org.
51 GOP senators voted to allow trophy hunters to murder bear cubs, wolf puppies, aerially hunt their adults. No Democrat senator did. 220 Republican House members voted for that. 5 Democrat House members voted for it. 12 GOP attorneys general sued to keep chickens in smaller cages. They fought California and Massachusetts more humane laws.
It was John Bolston who wrote the lies claiming Saddam was building WMD's which G W Bush used to invade Iraq. Bolton projects hate and violence onto the peaceful socialist countries of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The CIA tried 638 times to murder Fidel Castro (whom God-protected)


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A classic. Really got hooked on "Pods pea'd" uniquely said and the sounds are magic. A pleasant poem to read.