Govt Of The Rich By The Rich For The Rich



After Sears filed for bankruptcy,

a US bankruptcy court approved

its giving 25 million in bonuses to

top executives. The billionaire who bought

Sears is making a bid for the hedge fund he's

in to gobble up the remaining assets

It's time to change

the government of the rich, by the rich

and for the rich.

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What Is Intersting

is that there was that much less to pay their debtors. A cool 25 million in the bank? Merry Christmas! This is the season we live inside now, the atmosphere is thin and high at the tip top and that is where the money pools. Card carriers only. Cohen got three years for two consecutive life time sentences worth of criminal activities. Whiped out his card and voila! Question: How does the economy "thrive" with all the money with the 1%ers and little for the usa consumers?Just wondering. Again.