Zoo Haiku




A lone tiger paced back

and forth on the concrete

as human crowds gawked

at him. 


A polar bear unable to shed his fur coat

died of suffocating heat at the Bronx Zoo 


A hippo choked to death on a

tennis ball thrown into

his yawning mouth at the Detroit Zoo 


The Cleveland Zoo sold

'excess' animals for

canned hunts in Texas. 


The San Diego Zoo until


supplied primates

for lethal research by UC

Davis Frankensteins. 


Kadir the elephant

drowned in Prague as the

Danube poured into

his concrete room

20 feet below

ground level. 


All night in loneliness

called the zoo's grizzly bear.

Lonely, trapped in a tiny cage..

which no bear could bear.


A monkey was beaten

to death at the Boise Idaho



The IDF bulldozed the Gaza Zoo

with the animals alive in the

cages.. some crushed like paste..

others died after their spines

were smashed.


The Copenhagen Zoo in 2014

killed a giraffe to feed his

body to the lions. Several

weeks later the same zoo

killed 4 lions.


At the Akron Ohio Zoo, 

Easter bunnies and pet mice

brought to the zoo for shelter

have been secretively fed to snakes.


Many zoos are secret

vivisection supply houses

... facilitating secret torture

of animals.


Very few zoos protect the animals

from abused children and adults

who seek to harm them with missiles

thrown at them, poison etc


Footnote: SydnetAustralia (AP) 'A 7-year-old boy broke into a popular Outback zoo, fed a string of animals to the resident crocodile and bashed several lizards to death with a rock, the zoo’s director said Friday. '(When children see millions of cows, sheep and kangaroos being

murdered, are they taught any different in the Outback?) 



Jill Lepore

re polar bear in the city zoo: “He had the smallest cage you ever saw, ” she told me. “All night, he cried.”




saiom shriver


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