Skeletons In Republican Supreme Court Closets



So many skeletons in Supreme Court closets
they could not the doors close
And the sharp points of bony fingers
were ripping up their clothes

saiom shriver


Footnote: Judge Amy Barrett is a 'Scalia originalist'. Does that mean she will reinstitute

slavery and deny women the right to vote? After 244 years, US citizens still do not directly elect Supreme Court or federal

court judges.

In 2020 only 20 of the world's 195 countries and only 5 US states committed prisoner murder but the Republican attorney general

has reinstituted federal elections and seeks to override Massachusetts' 73 years without

an execution. The 5 unelected serial executioner

injustices include torture advocate John Roberts, Monsanto attorney Clarence Thomas,

perjurer, torture advocate, 911 truth suppressor, pawn of the rich Brett Kavanaugh,

dovehunter Neil Gorsuch and Sam Alito, who broke his promise to

recuse in cases involving Vanguard.

1 man, Mitch McConnell, is holding up the wishes of 65 or more US senators to pass a prison reform bill. Senator Cotton of Arkansas is a Republican who opposes the bill as well.

13 GOP attorneys general sued Massachusetts and California
because these Republican AG's didn't want the birds imprisoned in factory farms to have room to spread their wings.

51 Republican US senators and not a single Democrat US senator voted to allow trophy hunters into our Alaska national 'wildlife refuge' to violate the sanctuary... to allow them to shoot at herds from planes like shooting fishes in a barrel..
to kidnap bear cubs and wolf puppies and murder them.. unlike the Trump regime's child kidnapping, these little mammals don't survive. 220 Republican House members and 5 Democrats voted for the above as well as the murder of 1000 sealions.

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