Oh God


to Larry Gelbart (wherever you are now that you've left your body) screenwriter of the movie Oh God

produced by Carl Reiner, starring John Denver

and George Burns.

1. God is omniscient. God knows the future
2. Zillions of miracles happen every day
3. The Jeffersonian idea that God created
the world and then doesn't intervene is incorrect.

God involves Him/Herself in the details

every second everywhere. He responds to all names by which called, including the silent cries of an abused child or the

slaughterhouse shrieks of a pig being murdered.

4. It wasn't necessary to deliver animal flesh
to John Denver. He was a vegetarian, and
God doesn't approve of animal slaughter.

5. God doesn't just come to one person but to

everyone.. some don't let God in.

6. God takes human form from time to time

(in addition to God's role as the Omnipresent

Indweller of all beings.)

7. God's voice can be recorded.

8. Your line in which God says "You may not

believe in Me but I believe in you" is beautiful.

9. Your line in which God is sworn in and

says with hand on the Bible "So help Me Me"

is very funny.

10. You were absolutely right.  Anyone who knew

John Denver knew he was an unusually good person.


saiom shriver

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My favorite:

 "You may not believe in Me but I believe in you" 

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A Good Movie

Kin of the one liners, G Burns. (ps-going to try going all vegetarian for Thanksgiving with 2 turkeys with dressing and a honey baked ham in the house). Wish me luck! :D