Kavanaugh And 4 Others Disenfranchise Native Americans


North Dakota Republicans are not allowing

Native Americans to vote. With ingenious

criminality the pols say the Native Americans

need a street address.

On the reservation there are no street addresses.



On illegitimate 'Justice' Kavanaugh's 1st day

on the Supreme Court, he like the other 4

criminals decided not to interfere in ND's

unconstitutional law.

In South Dakota, Senator Thune's thugs

intimidated Native America Lakota and other

tribes, writing down their license plates among

other things.

39,000 Native Americans are more than 5% of the North

Dakota population. The Republican move was designed to defeat Heitkamp and other Democratic candidates.


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Dirty Politics In A Capitalist Mindset

By any means that is mean and damaging to the the national heart - North Dakotans said yes, Republicans said no. Hey this is power at it rawest articulation, like Corporations, anything to keep maket share. Cheating is a hallmark as is lying under Conservative values. Gerrymandering, picture identificatin at the polls, and outright pulling names by the hundreds off the polls where Democrats are strong - they will do anything for power. This time, they will lose power. Otherwise we may as well order swasticas. :(