Where The Nile Meets The Sea



The highest and easiest

path of surrender to God

is in flowing into Him as

the Nile pours quietly and

slowly into

the Mediterranean.

Those areas in which I hold

back become mud on the

river banks. I hope wllows

grow out of it.



saiom shriver


Footnote: apologies to anyone

offended by the male pronoun for

God who is beyond gender. English

doesn't have a neutral pronoun

which doesn't objectify.



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Is all over the text - we are a male dominated history. Grace has no gender, right living, and caring about the earth and its people is the point of Gods anyway. There are so many of them, male and female principles. - slc



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This would offend people even

This would offend people even more.  You could use "it" as a gender neutral pronoun.